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70s Tablecloth Pajama Refashion

Pajamas. Growing up, Mum always made us a some good pajama shorts - my sisters’ Cat’s Pajama shorts were kind of a legend. Living in Canada, there’s maybe 3 days a summer when you need some cute short shorts and a tank. Living in Israel, I think there’s 3 days when you don’t? Not true, I know the weather will turn soon enough, and the humidity makes some good blankets and cozy a necessity. But, for now, I’ve sewn the ultimate summer pajamas - and out of an old tablecloth no less!

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My sunny Zadie Jumpsuit by Paper Theory Patterns as a Romper Hack

When I saw the Zadie Jumpsuit pattern start popping up on my Instagram feed, I knew that it was my jumpsuit pattern. I had been stalking jumpsuit patterns for a long time, but didn’t find anything that I felt I would actually wear past the blog post. BUT! This pattern - it looked forgiving of shapes, it claimed to be easy to sew, and the model was wearing it in yellow. That is an attractive pattern.

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