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70s Tablecloth Pajama Refashion

Pajamas. Growing up, Mum always made us a some good pajama shorts - my sisters’ Cat’s Pajama shorts were kind of a legend. Living in Canada, there’s maybe 3 days a summer when you need some cute short shorts and a tank. Living in Israel, I think there’s 3 days when you don’t? Not true, I know the weather will turn soon enough, and the humidity makes some good blankets and cozy a necessity. But, for now, I’ve sewn the ultimate summer pajamas - and out of an old tablecloth no less!

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2019 Summery Dress Sewing Pattern Round Up

So, here I am, writing a blog post about summer dress patterns. Is it because from the bottom of my heart I needed to inform you about these options? I mean, maybe. Is it really because I needed a place to sort out my thoughts and see all my options in front of me to decide?


So, to all of our benefit - here are the dress patterns I’ve been stalking the hashtags of all summer. Know of one I’m missing that I should be including? Let me know!

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