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Natural Dyes Workshop with Suzanne Dekel

I was thrilled when I realised there was someone local in Israel teaching classes on dyeing with natural dyes! I am not entirely sure how I stumbled upon Suzanne Dekel’s work, but likely on Instagram. I’ve been inspired by Smile and Wave’s Instagram, and her tutorials and online courses for years now. I have her weaving book, and used it to create several pieces for my home. When she started posting the DIVINE colours she achieves from Plant and Insect Based Natural Dyes, I knew that it was in my future. I now have a long term goal of sewing a quilt entirely out of hand dyed fabrics. It’s lofty, but who am I to deny the inspiration as it comes?

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Chen (and Basma)

When I saw that my sister-in-law Chen (pronounced with a hard H in the back of the throat) had shaved her head, it brought back allll the emotions. Days before the beginning of my last year of high school, I shaved my head in the summer camp bathroom, with friends cheering me on (and one sobbing, I’m looking at you, Nick). To this day, it was one of the hardest and bravest things I have done as as a woman.

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Visiting the Cactus Garden

A photo blog of our visit to a gorgeous cactus garden in Tel Aviv. Yes… with a 2 year old. This Pesach (Passover) we decided to keep it local and not stress ourselves out trying to bust out of town and stay busy. I found Her Tales of Visuals on Instagram, and with it, her blog post with directions on how to find this garden. We loved getting out and exploring it, giving me more of a chance to learn my camera settings.

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