70s Tablecloth Pajama Refashion

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Pajamas. Growing up, Mum always made us a some good pajama shorts - my sisters’ Cat’s Pajama shorts were kind of a legend. Living in Canada, there’s maybe 3 days a summer when you need some cute short shorts and a tank. Living in Israel, I think there’s 3 days when you don’t? Not true, I know the weather will turn soon enough, and the humidity makes some good blankets and cozy a necessity. But, for now, I’ve sewn the ultimate summer pajamas.

Inspired by @lisatea’s set on Instagram, this set is maybe that set’s crazy aunt or something?

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Fabric Choice

Sorry, everyone - this fabric is one of a kind… I found it while perusing the aisle of a local thrift shop. It’s taken awhile to find good reliable places to check, but I got this as a 50 x 50” tablecloth, serged around the edges. Because I wanted to be as economical as possible, I used the rounded serged edges around the edges of the shorts, so I could skip the bias binding. The roll a bit, but it’s still totally worth it to me if I got a top out of the deal!

I measured myself (clumsily), at:

Height: 175 cm, or as us confused Canadians say, 5’9”.

Bust: 96 cm (huge rib cage, not so huge… otherwise)

Waist: 84cm

Hip: 99cm

This is the second time I’ve made a pair of the FREE City Gym Shorts pattern by Purl Soho - and both times I just barely fit into them following the measurement size guide. The first time I assumed it was because I made a mistake while cutting or something, and this time, I was able to let them out at the seam allowance and make them comfortable. I would definitely size up the next time.

Pattern Hacking the City Gym Shorts by Purl Soho

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So, I just can’t seem to leave a pattern as is. I am pretty determined to find a fitting/alteration class as soon as I can so I can start learning how to properly make the adjustments I visualize instead of randomly guessing each time.

I added 4 inches to the top of the FREE City Gym Shorts pattern by Purl Soho - not at the lengthen shorten line. I knew I wanted a higher rise short. This pattern didn’t really extend the way I wanted it to, but it still worked. I also skipped adding a separate waistband, rolled the top over to create the elastic tubing. It worked really well. Finally, as I said above, I skipped the bias binding and just used the serged rounded edged of the tablecloth I bought - this worked better than expected!

Pattern Hacking the Peppermint Playsuit Pattern by In the Folds

This Peppermint Magazine Playsuit Pattern (also free pattern) didn’t really stay the same either! I saw @abolajioo’s hack on Instagram, and although I didn’t know enough to make it the same, I’m happy with my result.

I cut mine at both lengthen/shorten lines on the pattern. I had issues with somethings lining up, but in the end it all worked (mostly because tie straps on the shoulders making things so flexible). I ditched the side zipper on the side, and it’s fine for pulling overhead. I even did my first facing with this pattern, and I’m happy with it - it’s an interesting technique!

Next pajamas I want to make from the Tessuti Fabric’s Romy top, as I think I will enjoy wearing that top during the day too! I have a brown sheet set I bought on sale that I think I will try my next PJs out of.