My Mellow 70s Modern Fans Throw Quilt

It feels so good to finally write this blog post - the quilt is donneee!!

I have been on a finishing kick lately; my constant starting of new projects and my growing work-in-progress got the best of me, and I just wanted to ditch the haunting feeling of them hiding behind my bedroom door. (No, really… there’s a Tupperware bin behind my bedroom door that holds them all…)

Golan Anniversary 2019 (3 of 35).jpg

From the beginning, I had a very clear vision of what I wanted from this quilt. I saw the pattern from Suzy Quilts and was totally intrigued and inspired, despite never sewing a curve in quilting before. I knew I wanted to use my Liberty of London yellow and green floral I had been hoarding fat quarters of for the “perfect quilt”. I knew I wanted to use what I had in my stash as much as possible, as it was a heavy quilting year last year. I knew I NEEDED to round the corners to amplify the design, even though I was shaking when the moment came to cut them off! And I knew I wanted it hand quilt it, despite having just learned how to.

So basically, I knew I was in over my head in every way, and I knew I had to go big or go home.

Golan Anniversary 2019 (4 of 35).jpg

It was so fun to be able to participate in the Sew Along Suzy Quilts threw for this pattern. It was totally the push I needed to get started with the project. It was my first Sew Along, and it helped so much with keeping motivation and with questions I had along the way.

The only real hitch I had along the way was the fact that the mustard solid that I used was not a quilting cotton… I don’t actually know what it is. Which, apparently, is not a smart thing to do on a quilt with curves, FYI. My mum helped me with some major seam ripping at one point, when I realized things were not going to match up. All in all, it worked out though.

Golan Anniversary 2019 (7 of 35).jpg

The backing and the feature panels in the circles are very special to me - they are a vintage sheet I found at a thrift store and absolutely LOVE. They are totally my colours, my style, and just so yummy soft already, despite it being a new quilt. It’s so lovely!

Golan Anniversary 2019 (9 of 35).jpg

And the hand quilting, though it took a toll on my fingers, did work out just fine in the end! I did half of the circles with a white thread, and half with the gold. At first I wondered if it was a mistake, but now I like the character it gives. And honestly, I doubt if anyone else would notice, if I didn’t point it out. It was a fantastically therapeutic process, and thought the curves are really not the best thing to learn hand quilting on, they taught me well. The only thing was that halfway through, I was pretty over working on the dang thing. Of course, my sewing mojo only came back once it turned to SUMMER IN ISRAEL, 30 DEGREES CELSIUS AND 80% HUMIDITY. No better time, right? BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS. (I’m sure I cried at some point)

Golan Anniversary 2019 (10 of 35).jpg

I really, really love this quilt now. I hope to one day invest in this Ikea bed frame, and hang it from the head board. I think it would be such a lovely way to feature it, especially since it’s so hot here, so we won’t be using blankets year round.

Golan Anniversary 2019 (2 of 35).jpg

One final cozy photo for you - does it get any dreamier than this? I photographed all of the photos at the AirBnB we stayed at in the Golan Heights for our anniversary. Such special memories attached with these photos now.

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