2019 Summery Dress Sewing Pattern Round Up

So, here I am, writing a blog post about summer dress patterns. Is it because from the bottom of my heart I needed to inform you about these options? I mean, maybe. Is it really because I needed a place to sort out my thoughts and see all my options in front of me to decide?


So, to all of our benefit - here are the dress patterns I’ve been stalking the hashtags of all summer. Know of one I’m missing that I should be including? Let me know!

Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 20.22.44.png

2019 Summer Dress Sewing Pattern Round Up

by ktschy

Love this Pleated Summer Dress by Peppermint Magazine. It’s a FREE pattern, yes, free! My only concern with it is thinking I need something with sleeves on it for life in the hot Middle East now… I thought before everything should be sleeveless, but I’m realising my poor little shoulders will be shrivelled soon if I don’t take care! Not as many photos online of it in the wild, but still an interest of mine.

Peppermint Magazine

Pleated Summer Dress

Grainline Studio

Alder Shirt Dress

The Alder Shirt Dress by Grainline Studio has also caught my eye, as I’m really tempted to try something with a collar and button-up like this. I’m nervous of giving it a go, but I think if I pick a good fabric to hide mistakes, all will be well. There are two versions, a gathered one or straight falling one.

Chalk and Notch’s Fringe Dress Pattern really caught my eye on Instagram! I like the relaxed look, and the simple button up. I especially am interested in the free tutorial on the blog to turn it into a faux wrap top dress, and the fact that they sell a bundle that includes a darling children’s size as well, so you can be matchinnnngggg. Just need a baby girl now, you know, just for this pattern. I guess a niece will work too. ;)

Chalk and Notch

Fringe Dress

Closet Case Patterns

Kalle Shirt Dress

The Kalle Shirt dress by Closet Case Patterns has bit of a cult following online for seamstresses making many, many versions of it, and hacking it in delightful ways. I’m just not sure I would wear this style as much as I think I would once I made it. But it’s still in my head over and over again, so maybe it will happen yet!

Pretty sure the Penny Dress pattern by Colette is out of my league skillwise, but it is so darling, and I think the long sleeves might do the trick for my frame a bit more. This one is going in the filing cabinet of my brain for when I’m more experienced, and hopefully ready to take it on!

Colette Patterns

Penny Dress

Sew Liberated

Hinterland Dress

Here the pattern I think I’m most likely to start with. The Hinterland Dress by Sew Liberated is a gorgeous loose fitting dress with lots of different views, making for a pattern you can rework again and again. I think it’s nice that it shows a little collarbone without much more, and like the gathering around the bodice. I see this one in the near future.

The Pensee Dress by Deer and Doe Patterns has that delicious wrap action I just can’t resist. The back has this gorgeous detail, and while I don’t need another sleeveless right now, you’d better believe this is sorely tempting me. It’s also a shirt pattern.

Deer and Doe Patterns

Pensee Dress

Deer and Doe Patterns

Myosotis Dress

These sleeves and that loose style are just half of the pattern - the Myosotis Dress Pattern by Deer and Doe Patterns has another darling short sleeve view that makes it an entirely different dress! It has the perfect crisp cotton look that wants me want to start shopping for fabric ASAP. (okay, not hard to do.)

Another terrific neckline with this Reglisse Dress by Deer and Doe Patterns. This just look like the perfect pretty/casual dress that makes you feel dressed up but not overly on a warm day. Again, view through the link for some delicious alternate views. I love that Deer and Doe’s patterns really seem to have a few options per pattern, feeling like you get several patterns out of one purchase.

Deer and Doe Patterns

Reglisse Dress

Tessuti Patterns

Pia Dress

Just found these darling patterns by Tessuti, a fabric and pattern company out of Australia. The Pia dress looks great with a belt, or without. I love the unique pocket placement, and how this dress gives some space for airflow!

How gorgeous is this Alice Dress/Shirt pattern, also by Tessuti? I have a brown sheet set I found on clearance at H&M that I think would look delightful with a cheerful contrast fat quarter in the front square panel. Very very tempted by this!

Tessuti Patterns

Alice Top / Dress

Common Stitch

Bellbird Wrap Dress

Been eyeing this dress up for awhile now, and wondering if I can hack it, but after my most recent dress pattern flop, I think I’m ready to splurge on the pattern instead. It is a pricier one, at $20 AUD for the digital, but I really love the shape of the wrap on this one. I need to make this, and some dangly earrings to go with it.

So, where does that leave us? I do believe I’m going to start with either the Hinterland, Myosotis, or the Fringe. They both seem like loose, wearable styles that I will come back to. Now, to find some delicious fabric to dig into!