My sunny Zadie Jumpsuit by Paper Theory Patterns as a Romper Hack

190519-zadie yellow-437.jpg

When I saw the Zadie Jumpsuit pattern start popping up on my Instagram feed, I knew that it was my jumpsuit pattern. I had been stalking jumpsuit patterns for a long time, but didn’t find anything that I felt I would actually wear past the blog post. BUT! This pattern - it looked forgiving of all kinds of shapes, it claimed to be easy to sew, and the model was wearing it in yellow. That is an attractive pattern.

190519-untitled shoot-442.jpg

Fabric Choice

So, I started my search for fabric - as mentioned in other posts, fabric shopping in Israel is not the organized experience I was used to in Canada. Every store has a conglomeration of giant rolls of fabric, nothing is labeled, and, being an amateur, I hardly know where to start. I don’t know what my first attempt is, I thought it was cotton, but it must have something synthetic in it, as it hardly wrinkles. This is a cotton, and it’s very thin. Like, ‘wear beige underneath’ thin. My next I hope to make with something a little heavier, however, for this romper, I’m so in love with the colour and pattern, I’m willing to forgive it’s see-through-ness. The other reason I’d like thicker is to feel that the wrap ties are heartier and can handle a good tie without feeling flimsy. I need to find a way to re-enforce mine, I don’t know if interfacing would help?

I measured myself (clumsily), at:

Height: 175 cm, or as us confused Canadians say, 5’9”.

Bust: 96 cm (huge rib cage, not so huge… otherwise)

Waist: 84cm

Hip: 99cm

Leaving me size-wise between a 12 and a 16. After reading others’ reviews of it running large on Instagram, I decided on cutting a size 12. It really did serve me well for this romper, and I’m curious to see how it feels with sleeves and pants.

190519-zadie yellow-451.jpg

Romper Length

I determined the romper length by measuring down 21cm from the crotch of the pants. I based this off of a favourite pair of shorts of mine. It is a little dangerously short while squatting, but, isn’t it always? Okay, I just didn’t know how to finish that sentence, but you get the idea. Don’t dangerously squat with short shorts. The end.

Where I goofed the first time:

I read on an instagram post that someone my measurements lengthened the pants. I saw the word lengthen on the pattern (and didn’t know what ‘rise’ meant), and I just added 4 inches there. My crotch ended up around my knees. Several friends tried to encourage me that this was ‘in style’. I hope that the way these pants look is NEVER in style - it just gives me a butt that’s 5 miles long. With this attempt, I made the pattern as written (other than cropping the legs), and it fits great.

My ideas for the pattern itself

Honestly, this may sound dumb, but I would love some page numbers on the instructions. I have a 2 1/2 year old, meaning anything I try to keep organized ends up scattered around the house repeatedly. I had to concentrate on ensuring they were in order so I didn’t do something out of sequence.

I need a skirt extension for this pattern. I’m not confident enough to try it myself yet, but I would love to have a dress made from this!

Otherwise, as a beginner sewist, it was a terrific pattern! Great practice with the bias tape, without being too difficult, and my second go at it left me with a piece I really, really love.

Thanks to Paper Theory Patterns for a fun sew, and one that I am already searching for the next fabric to start a new one! Lots of fun, and I feel fantastic wearing it! Now to sew something that has a scoop neck on it, to tan my neck, for goodness sake! My arms and legs are so dark, which I’m not complaining about, but it wasn’t until I looked at the photos that I realised I’m a ghost on my chest!

190519-zadie yellow-453.jpg

PS: As a bonus, enjoy these hilarious photos of me trying to make this post with the self timer, and my son realising his career in male modelling.