Chen (and Basma)

When I saw that my sister-in-law Chen (pronounced with a hard H in the back of the throat) had shaved her head, it brought back allll the emotions. Days before the beginning of my last year of high school, I shaved my head in the summer camp bathroom, with friends cheering me on (and one sobbing, I’m looking at you, Nick). To this day, it was one of the hardest and bravest things I have done as as a woman. The feelings ranged from extreme empowerment, to feeling shame as people asked me why I would ever do this. And why did I? To test my strength. To show myself I could put my money where my mouth was and do what I thought was impossible at one point.

Maybe it’s just a haircut, but maybe it’s more.

All that to say, I was thrilled to see Chen’s new style - she wears it like a queen, and it brings out her beautiful eyes and smile more than ever before. I contacted her and asked her if she’d let me use her as a model for continuing to practice photography, and she graciously said yes.

We met at the park on top of old Jaffa, close to both of our places. I’m so glad she brought her pup Basma so we could sneak in a few shots of them together too.

Chen, you’re the best! Thanks for helping me practice, and I hope you love your photos!