Noam's Rainbow Burst Quilt

After waiting for months for our crate of personal effects to arrive from Canada, it finally came, and with it, my 2 work-in-progress quilts that were just waiting to be finished! This one was the most painful to wait for, as I knew it was only lacking hand-sewing the binding to the back of the quilt. But, here it is! Let me introduce “Noam’s Quilt”.


I had been seeing the ‘Kinder’ line of fabric by Heather Ross for Windham Fabrics for quite a while on Instagram before I knew that I needed it. It’s such a whimsical line with hand drawn illustrations and sweet childhood prints. Lately I’ve felt compelled to make quilts for children more gender neutral. My thoughts are that perhaps down the line, a child in the family of another gender will identify with it more, and then it will maintain its usefulness longer.

When I found a local Canadian shop carrying the line, and it was on sale, I had to snatch some up. I originally ordered a fat eight bundle and some backing, as I thought I would just make a throw quilt to keep costs down. But the shop owner sent me an email saying she mistakenly packed a Fat Quarter bundle in my package, and that she would consider it that month’s giveaway! I was so excited, and that’s when I decided to jump to a twin sized quilt that could be used for longer!


I used The Tattooed Quilter’s Unicorn Beams Foundation Paper Piecing Block. It’s quite small, fitting less than half of a letter page, so I decided to enlarge it to ensure more of the large scale pattern would show through still. I’m so glad I did, because I feel it helps the pattern really shine.

Once the blocks and sashing arrangement were chosen, I got the idea to quilt the simple grid in the sashing. It reminds me of lined paper in a school notebook, which seemed perfect. I also machine quilted ‘in the ditch’ around each of the FPP blocks. This was way more work than I thought it was going to be, switching directions and dragging the quilt back and forth through my machine. My arms felt it, but I learned two important things. 1 - Quilting Gloves make a BIG difference. I actually stole a new pair of my dad’s silicone mechanic gloves, and they worked perfectly for it. 2 - Sitting on a large exercise ball can really help to alleviate back pain from huddling over a machine!


I used Brittany at Lo & Behold Stitchery’s Chunky Stitch Hand Binding Tutorial to attach the binding on the back of the quilt. I just love the hand sewn touch it adds to it.


And - here is the boy with his quilt! He has so enjoyed declaring it his quilt by wandering around and saying “Dis is Noam’s Quilt.” It’s currently acting as a canopy over his new “Big Boy Bed” that he has been using primarily for tickle fights, and not so much for sleeping in. He’s asked for his crib most naps and nights now, and… why fight it? It is kind of nice.

I’ve yet to wash it, and I’m hoping to find some Colour Catchers to throw in the load with it before it gets peed on or something. This is just a fact of life now… one never knows how long one has before something gets peed on. And with that, I’ll sign off.