My cozy Sew House Seven's Toaster Sweater #1


Well, well, well… Look who finished her first piece of clothing since high school?!

Yes, yes, it’s me! And I’m pretty stoked about it.

One of the things that has totally turned be back on to sewing garments is the fact that there is this growing blogging and Instagram community pushing ahead with transparency and education, showing how creating your own clothes is not for the elite but everyone! I love that I know I can learn from others’ blog posts about what fabric they used, how it fit for their measurements, and more. Hence why I decided to blog about what I’m making too!

Another driving force behind learning to sew my own clothes is knowing who made my clothes, and that no one was unfairly treated in that process. I am a total newbie, and having moved recently, I still am a fish out of water with my fabric shops and knowing where they are sourcing the fabric from and if it is ethically produced (both environmentally and from a social justice perspective).

Finally, I am determined to learn to make my own clothes so that I can fill my wardrobe with exactly what I want and need. I am 5"9, with lonnnggg legs and a lonnnggg torso.. and lonnnng arms. Meaning ready-to-wear clothes are usually up to my belly button and pants are always flood pants. Eventually… eventually, I would love to make my own jeans. Can you imagine?! Jeans that truly fit? Me neither. But a girl can dream!

Let’s get to this sweater!

Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater #1


I’m not really sure where I first found Sew House Seven’s Toaster Sweater Pattern. It may have been from Quilt Kween’s Instagram stories, where she asked her followers for a suggestions for first time garment projects. She got an AMAZING list, which I grabbed some from to make my own list of garment patterns I’ll continue to update here.

My goal with sewing this sweater was to make a sweater that could be classy enough to wear out of the house, but cozy enough to make me feel like I’m at home. Hah - I’ve seriously become introverted since becoming a mother, but that sentence really sums it up. I almost succeeded with my goal. I really love the sweater, but below are a few of the things that hung me up.


Remember that long arms bit? Yeah. And the long torso? Long limbs strike again! Halfway through making it, I looked at it on the floor (not a big enough dining room table), and said “This is not going to fit me.” It turned out better than I hoped, and I wouldn’t have wanted to size up, but in the future, I will definitely increase the length of both the bodice and the arms. Right now, when I lift my arms up, it’s shorter than what I would want, but I doubt I’ll wear it alone anyways. Don’t worry everyone. I’ll always wear pants with it.

“What’s it made out of, Kate?”

Good question. I’m… not sure. Haha. Fabric stores in Israel are… hmmm, what’s the word. Crowded? You can’t bring a stroller into them usually, because they’re so STUFFED with millions of fabrics all over the place. They are rarely organised, meaning that the shop owner hollers at you in Hebrew “What are you looking for?”, and then I have to start this long-winded Charades with him about what I’m looking for. This made it tricky to find what I wanted. I left the first shop I went to with the required amount of fleece. I didn’t want fleece. But the man in the shop was sure it was what I needed. I walked 2 shops down, and found this fabric, which was exactly what I wanted. AND I found the fabric for my Kielo Wrap dress, which hopefully I’ll get to work on soon!

All that to say, I still don’t know what this fabric is, but it sewed up how I expected it to. It's not overly soft on the inside, but it is cozy enough. I know it will wash up nicely too. My only complaint is, I wanted it stiff so the collar would stand up (which I LOVE). The collar is great, but the seams around the wrists are definitely bulky. And since my iron is cheap-o, I don’t think they’ll be sitting well any time soon.


Another victory - I sewed this entire thing on my regular sewing machine! I did a double stitch with a regular stitch followed by a 3 step zig zag . It worked! I was a little doubtful the whole thing would be a flop because of it, especially since I haven’t sewn with knit before, but I’m happy with the results.


Overall, a sweet pattern that I think I will make again in the future, when something is needed. Also, because it’s size fairly generically, it would be a quick gift to sew up for a friend needing some cozy!