70's Sunrise Finished Quilt

She’s here, she’s here - I finally finished! This post will be image heavy as I busted my butt to finish the quilting and binding in time to catch all the fall leaves before they fell. It turns out my hustle was with good reason, as just a few days later, today, SO many leaves are already gone!

70s Sunrise Quilt (11 of 16).jpg

This quilt taught me SO many lessons.. hard ones, and, well, more hard ones. But! I just kept reminding myself that this is what life is about! Sometimes we think “I’ll just keep practicing on small projects so they always look perfect…” . But, the reality is, we cannot expect to learn unless we go big, and make big mistakes. The first one being is don’t depend on shipping to be quick enough when you’re trying to finish something for the local Fall Fair.

Vintage Curtains upcycled to Modern Quilt

So, the fantastic vintage floral that makes the whole quilt, in my humble opinion, is thanks to a set of vintage curtains I found in a Nu-2-U store on the island (yes, island!) my sister lives on. When I saw them, I loved them immediately. But.

They smelled. A lot.

Like, 5 runs through the washer, time in the sun, finally, a few more runs with vinegar, and now they only off-gas if you heat it up. Yuck.

I then matched the yellow to a heavier (almost canvas weight) fabric in my local quilt shop. Now… I would advise to be careful with this. Unfortunately, the extra weight was a bit too much for my little machine to handle, and I’m afraid I gave her a work out. That said, it all worked out in the end. But I’ll watch my fabric weights more carefully next time I thrift shop.

My first true machine quilting project

Sure, I had done small stuff before… but quilting a whole quilt by machine seemed totally daunting. To be honest, part of my reasoning is just plain thrifty-ness. I can’t afford to splurge so much on a quilt after I spent so much on fabric already! But the other part of my is too stubborn with my design opinions to give my art to someone else to finish! I want ever last bit of control in the process, so I decided I’d better learn to quilt. Well… I’m learning. haha. Especially to embrace my imperfection and keep trying. The weight of the quilt kept dragging about, leaving me with sloppy lines and uneven speed. But, I did it (despite a mouse at my mum’s house trying to nibble through a corner, but that’s a different story!) . And as much as the little imperfect bits make me crazy, it’s also.. weirdly.. perfect. BecauseI made it, and it’s mine.

70s Sunrise Quilt (2 of 16).jpg

My husband snapped so many amazing shots of the quilt, and of me sewing, which I was so thankful for! It seems only right to spend a decent amount of time documenting something that took so long to make!

Andddd… this is why I quilt! For snuggly, moments birthed out of soul-satisfying creativity. I cannot tell you how much it brings me life to dream up a concept, and start to work on problem solving to bring it into reality.

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