Kinder Modern Hexies Pillow

Kinder Hexies

My other project I got to work on was a sweet pillowcase using Modern Handcraft’s Modern Hexies style! It so inspired me to rework some scraps into something usable.


I’m kind of addicted to Hexies now - especially because it means I can work on some quilting when my husband wants to watch a show… since becoming a mom, sitting watching a show might as well be wasting time… haha. I must have 3 things to do at once!

I learned so much while doing this first project, and I’d love to make more already! I just need to buy a zipper to finish this one. I was pleasantly surprised as well to find out that it really didn’t matter that I didn’t have a my walking foot yet - I managed to avoid most snags with my regular pressure foot!

That’s all for today.. time to work on some more quilting while I can.