70s Tablecloth Pajama Refashion

Pajamas. Growing up, Mum always made us a some good pajama shorts - my sisters’ Cat’s Pajama shorts were kind of a legend. Living in Canada, there’s maybe 3 days a summer when you need some cute short shorts and a tank. Living in Israel, I think there’s 3 days when you don’t? Not true, I know the weather will turn soon enough, and the humidity makes some good blankets and cozy a necessity. But, for now, I’ve sewn the ultimate summer pajamas - and out of an old tablecloth no less!

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Natural Dyes Workshop with Suzanne Dekel

I was thrilled when I realised there was someone local in Israel teaching classes on dyeing with natural dyes! I am not entirely sure how I stumbled upon Suzanne Dekel’s work, but likely on Instagram. I’ve been inspired by Smile and Wave’s Instagram, and her tutorials and online courses for years now. I have her weaving book, and used it to create several pieces for my home. When she started posting the DIVINE colours she achieves from Plant and Insect Based Natural Dyes, I knew that it was in my future. I now have a long term goal of sewing a quilt entirely out of hand dyed fabrics. It’s lofty, but who am I to deny the inspiration as it comes?

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My Mellow 70s Modern Fans Throw Quilt

From the beginning, I had a very clear vision of what I wanted from this quilt. I saw the pattern from Suzy Quilts and was totally intrigued and inspired, despite never sewing a curve in quilting before. I knew I wanted to use my Liberty of London yellow and green floral I had been hoarding fat quarters of for the “perfect quilt”. I knew I wanted to use what I had in my stash as much as possible, as it was a heavy quilting year last year. I knew I NEEDED to round the corners to amplify the design, even though I was shaking when the moment came to cut them off! And I knew I wanted it hand quilt it, despite having just learned how to.

So basically, I knew I was in over my head in every way, and I knew I had to go big or go home.

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2019 Summery Dress Sewing Pattern Round Up

So, here I am, writing a blog post about summer dress patterns. Is it because from the bottom of my heart I needed to inform you about these options? I mean, maybe. Is it really because I needed a place to sort out my thoughts and see all my options in front of me to decide?


So, to all of our benefit - here are the dress patterns I’ve been stalking the hashtags of all summer. Know of one I’m missing that I should be including? Let me know!

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My sunny Zadie Jumpsuit by Paper Theory Patterns as a Romper Hack

When I saw the Zadie Jumpsuit pattern start popping up on my Instagram feed, I knew that it was my jumpsuit pattern. I had been stalking jumpsuit patterns for a long time, but didn’t find anything that I felt I would actually wear past the blog post. BUT! This pattern - it looked forgiving of shapes, it claimed to be easy to sew, and the model was wearing it in yellow. That is an attractive pattern.

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Men's Garment Sewing Patterns Round Up

I got the call yesterday. And by the call, I mean, my husband casually asked me, while looking at a faded t-shirt, “Do you think you could make me some t-shirts?” I don’t know, but I’m sure as heck going to try. Anything that gives me warrant to purchase new fabric is a go. So, I’ve started compiling a few different patterns I’m interested in, and figured it’s best to store them where others can benefit too!

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Chen (and Basma)

When I saw that my sister-in-law Chen (pronounced with a hard H in the back of the throat) had shaved her head, it brought back allll the emotions. Days before the beginning of my last year of high school, I shaved my head in the summer camp bathroom, with friends cheering me on (and one sobbing, I’m looking at you, Nick). To this day, it was one of the hardest and bravest things I have done as as a woman.

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