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About KTSCHy

Quilty Beginnings

I began quilting very leisurely while pregnant with my first child. Before he was born, I sat down with my mum to sew a baby blanket, despite my brain insisting that “I wasn’t particular enough to quilt”.

Photos by Laine Dore Photography

Photos by Laine Dore Photography

Turns out I was particular enough, and my mum’s lending a hand didn’t hurt either. I had fun making it, but I wouldn’t say I was addicted yet.

A year went by before the urge struck hard to make a quilt for her parents’ new camper. This would be what I consider my first “real” quilt, as keeping it a surprise meant not asking for help from my Mum. Well, I finished the quilt, wonky corners and all, and now, I had officially caught quilting fever.

Since then, I’ve been learning as many techniques as quick as I can, as I just can’t get enough.

What the heck is KTSCHY?

Yeah.. I thought you might ask that! KTSCHY is what I just keep coming back to. See, it’s a merger of my first name, maiden name, and married name, and also… I love kitsch. So, it’s just kind of my creative home. I keep coming back to the name, or it keeps coming back to me! And, well, Katie Stanley is a prettyyy normal name that doesn’t have an available domain name anymore..


About Katie

I’m Katie - I’m a 30 Canadian, living in Israel with my husband and son. I am in LOVE with vintage fabrics, specifically anything with 70s orange, yellow and green.

I am the proud owner of a 1978 Volkswagen Camper Van, complete with original plaid interior and a chronic overheating engine that keeps my mechanic of a father hard at work.

I am constantly planning ahead with projects - dreaming, envisioning, and seam ripping. I’m also fighting to have yellow recognized as the neutral it deserves to be. If it doesn’t go with anything, it goes with everything, right?

Thanks for following along,

Photo by Roei Stanley

Photo by Roei Stanley

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